Vanish Cooling Script

Is the Vanish cooling script really necessary?  Vanish Filament does not like to be kept at printing temperature for long periods of time – it can lead to nozzle blockages.  Cooling the vanish and re-heating it each time, however, is time consuming and adds to printing time.  There has been some debate about whether or not this step is essential.

Like everything in the 3D printing world – it depends!

We have yet to experiment with heads which allow you to print in several materials.  We have experimented with retracting the filament instead of cooling the head in our dual head printers.  These experiments were unsuccessful.

The default should always be to use the Vanish cooling script – everything else is experimentation.  We will continue to develop systems which may speed up printing with Vanish and let you know when we have been successful.  Please let us know the findings of your experiments.

On the left, the Vanish Spring, prints fine without the need for cooling.  This is because the the mix between PLA and Vanish on each layer is roughly the same and the layers are not big.

The use of gcode means that it is not currently possible to cool or heat Vanish “on the hoof”.  A more sophisticated code would allow us to heat or cool the Vanish at the same time as printing the other material.  It could even determine when to start heating again so that the correct temperature was reached at just the right time.

In the meantime we need to use the cooling script in most cases.

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