About Vanish

Vanish is a brand new water dissolvable material, designed with the sole purpose of providing the ideal solution for support structures.

With Vanish, you can easily print intricate models with moving parts or gravity-defying overhangs and not worry about damaging your object to remove the supports. All you have to do is immerse your prints in warm tap water and watch the supports disappear!

Most dissolvable filament is made from PVA – this is the wrong material for this job and leads to disappointing results.  We started with taking a water dissolvable material and made it into a 3D printer filament.  Vanish is based on the same material used in dishwasher tablets and washing liquid tabs.  You would not expect a sticky mess in your washing machine and you won’t get one with Vanish.


  • New improved formula –  Vanish completely dissolves in tap water.
  • Biodegradable – it is safe to pour down the sink once dissolved
  • Bonds to PLA
  • Suitable for printing in most FDM printers

Technical Information

Material BVOH
Diameter 1.75 / 2.85 mm
Transparency 0.9
Ø Tolerance ±0.0525
≥ 95%

Packaging & Storage

Vanish needs to be kept dry so each reel is enclosed in a specifically designed, thick resealable bag with silica gel to absorb moisture.

We recommend that you always store your reel in the bag when not in use. If it does absorb mosture, it will still print but we recommend you dry it out in a cool oven (50 deg C) for a couple of hours.

Don’t let Vanish rest for long periods of time in the nozzle of your printer as it might cause clogging.