Do the Impossibe

Now You Can Do The Impossible

With Vanish water dissolvable support you can now make models with intricuite structures and support in inaccessible areas.  What’s more, you can extend support over more of the model to prevent drooping marks.  It dissolves away to leave a smoother finish that traditional supports.

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Spheres can be easily printed as one model.  No marks where the support material dissolved away. Support in the intricate parts just dissolves away, no need to use a knife or tool.

Vanish pva dissolvable soluble 3d printer filament

Support in hard to reach places is possible – it just melts away leaving no residue on the model.  In this case, the axels are cleared so the wheels turn easily.

soluble dissolvable 3d printer filament vanish pva

Forget designing for support.  Now you can add support anywhere, with increased angles to avoid filament drips.

Vanish Dissolvable Filament Settings

Easy when you know how ....

Vanish has its own personality but we have made it easy for you to get started.  We have full video instructions, screenshots and a step by step guide.  We even have a downloadable file for you to import directly into Simplify3D.